Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hitting Top 3 Spots on MSN

MSN is the simplest search engine to dominate rankings on. Below is one amazingly simple formula to hit the top three spots nine out of ten times of MSN Search Engine.

Here's the formula, step by step:

Step 1: Target just one keyword per Website (don't worry it's just a one page Website anyway.) And don't even bother with long tail keywords. Go for the ones that are impossible on Google. This formula nails them on MSN.

Step 1a: If you want to see exactly how much traffic potential each keyword has on MSN you can use their keyword tool at https://adcenter.microsoft.com/Research/KeywordResearcher.aspx. But unfortunately you need to be an AdCenter member to access it. But on the plus side, it only costs five dollars to join up. Clicking the above link will redirect you to the signup page if you are not a member.

Step 1b: If you don't want to bother you can just use Google's free keyword tool at as a max estimate and do a little guesstimating as to what MSN's searches for the same keyword might be. There is no hard and fast rule but I find that dividing Google's search volume by a number between four and seven is usually close to MSN's numbers.

Step 2: Register a new domain name that is as close as possible to your keyword. Use hyphens as much as you like. If your keyword is a single word there is a 99.9 percent chance it is taken as a domain name so add a hyphen between each letter or add a double hyphen between two words. Be original.

Step 2a: Do not bother with any domains that do not end in .com, .net, or .org. Those are the ones MSN likes best (the original big three TLD's.)

Step 3: Build a one page Website as follows...

Step 3a: Put your title at the top of the page and use your keyword once. Don't bother with H1 and H2 tags. Just bold, underline or italicize it.

Step 3b: Write 250 to 350 words, broken out into three or more paragraphs. Use your keyword once in each paragraph (no more than four uses on the page.)

Step 3c: Use at least two instances of your keyword as anchor text linking back to the same (home) page.

Step 3d: Use as many images as you like but make sure at least one third of your text is above the first image. And if you find 350 words is not enough to say all you want, make images of your offer text and post those on the page as well. Just keep the actual text (search engine readable) to 350 words or less and have no more than four mentions of your keyword.

Step 3e: Limit your outbound links to one that leaves the site. This should go to your main offer page, payment processor, etc. All other links should simply link back to the same page. By the way, if you need to post a privacy policy or disclaímer, create an image of it and post it as an image if possible to cut down on page text.

Step 4: Use your Title and Description META tags. MSN still likes them. Here's how...

Step 4a: Make your title tag in two parts with a separator between. First is the keyword. Then place a separator like a pipe (above enter key) or colon. Then add a few words that complement the keyword. Try not to go over seven words in the title.

Step 4b: Make your description up to 250 characters long (or longer if you wish but anything beyond 250 will likely not count.) Use your keyword within the first five words of your description if possible and do not use it more than twice at most.

Step 5: Get links from other Web sites. This is important! GPR or Google PageRank does not matter at all and neither does the site theme matching yours. Just get plenty of links. Here's how I did it before buying a software tool...

Step 5a: Submít your site to as many directories as possible. DMOZ.org and Yahoo.com are the largest.

Step 5b: Do relevant blog and user group postings with a link back to your site.

Step 5c: Write and submit articles. The resource box from a single article can bring in dozens or even hundreds of links. It's easiest to use an article submission service like SubmitYourArticle.us or another with similar advanced distribution features.

Step 6: Consider investing in a software tool. I spent $167 for SE0elite.com and it does all I need and more. Of course, there are dozens of choices out there so shop around.

That’s it. Don’t forget to come back here to post your success.

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