Friday, October 3, 2008

Free Dot Edu Backlinks

Blog posting is one of the best way to gain traffic and site popularity. In most cases, webmasters are looking for High PR’d blogs of their niche where they can post and obtain that precious one way link.

Getting a high PR dot edu(.edu) backlinks will surely make every webmasters dream come true. These precious one way links from these sites or blogs will give their site better chances on getting greens or PR on the next google update.

But the problem in getting this links is that, they are hard to find especially for new webmasters. That is the reason why I decided to make this article to help every new webmaster find this precious dot edu blogs and start posting on them. This article will show you how to generate tons of free one way backlinks from .edu blogs.

But before we start, I want you to keep in mind that posting on this blogs needs proper posting etiquette and avoid spamming. Post high quality comments or you end up not getting that precious backlink. Read the post and understand it then post relevant info pertaining to the article you are posting at.

Steps in Getting that precious .edu link:

Use google and your search query should look like this:

site: .edu inurl: blog

This query tells Google to return a list of .edu sites that have blogs. But would it be better if we get results that list only blogs that will allow us to comment on them. There are lots of blogs that are closed or those that doesn’t allow anyone to post on them. So we need to improve our query and make it like this:

site: .edu inurl: blog “post a comment”

Will that query provide us with blogs we are looking for? Not quite. We still need to add some more filtering. We need to eliminate blogs that needs login to allow us to post and those with comments closed. We don’t need those blogs. So we need to refine our query to filter those blogs too. Here is our more refined query:

site: .edu inurl: blog “post a comment” –“comments closed” –“you must be logged in”

This query will provide us .edu blogs that we are looking for. We can now start commenting on them and get quality backlinks. There are also good chances that we get good traffic when posting quality comments on those blogs as well as smart interested readers on your topic.

We can get more specific results if we add one or two more word to our search to get the exact blog that we need. For instance, we are looking for blogs about web design, all we need to do is add that word in our search and we can start posting comments and get excellent backlinks from these blogs. So our final query will look like this:

site: .edu inurl: blog “post a comment” –“comments closed” –“you must be logged in” “web design

Well that’s it and enjoy. I hope you’ll be able to get quality .edu backlinks and get that green you have been waiting for.

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