Sunday, September 14, 2008

SEO Secrets Part 2 - All About Google

Robots or Spiders are automated programs used by Google to read each and every page of your website. It is how your sites gets listed on Googles database(getting index) every time it visits it.

Website crawls are performed by Googlebot, the main Google spider. The more popular your site, the more often Google will crawl it. Daily crawls are done for highly ranked websites and those that frequently updates their contents like news and blog sites.


Google continuously updates its main index and major updates happens several times a year which corresponds to major ranking algorithm changes. You may have heard about Florida, Bourbon, Allegra, and Jagger on forums.

New website owners are advised to put their sites live as quickly as possible. The reason behind is that, Google prefers sites that are older. Add new content and make constant updates at least on a month basis. Google likes sites that updates content regularly.

This strategy has something to do with “Google Sandbox”, Google’s aging factor. These are set of filters applied to new websites whereby the site cannot rank well for any competitive keywords for 6-24 months. This Google Sandbox, also called aging delay tends to make new sites rank well for every niche, unique keywords such as their company name, but that’s about it.

Note: It is crucial that your website is up and running when Google visits you by following a link from other site. If it cannot find your website or it is down, your listing may disappear until the next update.

The Google algorithm’s two major group factors:

On-page(keyword) factors : It is the how, where and when keywords are used. It shows how well your website is optimized for your most important keywords. If those keywords appear in your content and links, keyword factors determine page relevance.>br>

Off-page(link) factors: The quantity and quality of links that points to your site. Link factors determine page importance and are related to Google Pagerank(PR). Link’s are very important factors and plays a significant role in getting high rankings particularly for competitive markets.


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