Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quality Links – A Link Building Strategy

Getting quality inbound links pointing to your website can get you high rankings. It is one of the most important search engine optimization steps that you should consider. Although it is important to have an optimized content to your website, without quality links, search engines will not consider your content that much.
It is very important to get the right links to your website. Spamming doesn't work. You must make sure that you get high quality links pointing to your site. Below are some steps you should consider in getting backlinks to your site.

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Making your website linkworthy

Don’t expect other website to link to your site if you don’t have anything worth linking for. Try to put relevant content to your website. Write some articles about the services that you are offering to your website. Add some tutorials or how-to articles or provides some useful links that others can benefit from.

Get Links from High PR’d blogs or sites.

Getting links from blogs with high PR is a very good way to get backlinks. Make sure to get links from related niche. There are millions of blogs on the internet and they all need some support form webmasters posting some comments to their articles.

To find blogs with high PR, you can use google to search for them. For example if you are looking for “art gallery”, you can type “high PR art gallery blogs” and so on.

Submit to Internet Directories

Submitting your website to Internet directories is also a good way to show Google that you have a reputable website. Low quality websites usually don't invest the time and money that is needed to be listed in Internet directories.
Inbound links are very important if you want to get high rankings on search engines. You should optimize your web page content first to make sure that search engines find your website relevant to your targeted keywords.
If more than one website has been optimized for the same keywords (and that's usually the case) then the website with the best links will get the best rankings.

I have compiled some of high PR directory listings where you can submit your site in my article SEO for Newbies. You can check that out to start with.

Check Competitors Website

The best way to start link building is to duplicate the links that your competitors have. Find all websites that link to your competitors and then try to convince them to link to your website.
You can do that by simply checking it from yahoo. Just type “ links: (competitors url)”
You can then check the websites one after the other and convince them to link to your website.

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Stanley said...

How would you convince another site to link to you?? beg, plead, ask respectfully??

Jun Rhy | Webpreneur Journal said...

Nice article. Very helpful especially for me because i am new to blogging and my blog is not having that high traffic yet and no one link on it. thanks for the tips.

Jun Rhy